Monday, January 30, 2012

Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Results!

Man, all it took was a shift in my crappy attitude and I'm back out there running and the donations have started to trickle through again! I have raised $600 to date, only $4,400+ to go!!! Naturally the goal is to reach $5K then keep going-the buck doesn't stop there folks! I guess every once and a while we all need to be reminded that the power of positive thinking is far more powerful than any protein shake, antibiotic or any other symbol of something really, really, really strong (oh you get the point!).

So, if things aren't going exactly how you like, take a long deep breath, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to suck it up you big cry baby and smile! :-)

By the way, I have exciting news! I think I'm about to lose a toe nail...yeah, normally runners lose toe nails because their sneakers are too small, but in my case, i have monkey toes...doesn't matter how big the shoe. Yes, it's kinda gross, but NOT the end of the world. Did you know that your running shoes should be a half size to one whole full size bigger then you normally wear? This is to allow space for your feet to swell up during those long runs. Eh, that happens too.

How many miles are you going to run this week???

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Giddyup! :-) Boston Marathon 2012 here I come!!

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