Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome to Maria's Jog Blog!

First, I'd like to welcome you to my first attempt at this whole blog thing!  I have this ongoing joke (or dream that will come true eventually) that I will hit a ginormous jackpot, retire (preferrably at the age of 30, so this upcoming October) and set off into the sunset to be a world renown traveling blog writer.  In the interim, while I'm waiting for that dream to come to fruition, I'll blog about this cool non-profit (Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership MBHP) I'm supporting and this little run I'll be kicking butt in, widely known as the Boston Marathon.

PS: I have to raise $5 grand, so I'd really appreciate it if you would click here to donate NOW!...

The point of this blog is to document the good, the bad and the straight up ugly feet, I'll be dealing with while working my butt off to prepare for running 26.2 miles.  Yeah...I said running, 26.2 miles - and no, I'm NOT crazy...just Portuguese and Sicilian.  I have hot blood pumping through my veins at all times, so I run to prevent me from turning into the Hulk.

AND sooooo, the journey begins.  This is week 1 of training.  So far, I've hit 2 of the 3 workouts I have to follow for the week.  Which included a 3 mile interval training session and a 6 mile run, which I did today and nearly froze my butt off! And now I just have some cross training to mix in and end the week with an 8 mile run.  Feeling good though!!!

So, welcome to my blog - I promise it will be GREAT bathroom material...just please wash your hands, thats gross.

Yours truly,
Maria Dias (as in Buenos Dias...cause every day is a good day in my world! ba-dum-chhhhhhhh)