Monday, January 30, 2012

Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Results!

Man, all it took was a shift in my crappy attitude and I'm back out there running and the donations have started to trickle through again! I have raised $600 to date, only $4,400+ to go!!! Naturally the goal is to reach $5K then keep going-the buck doesn't stop there folks! I guess every once and a while we all need to be reminded that the power of positive thinking is far more powerful than any protein shake, antibiotic or any other symbol of something really, really, really strong (oh you get the point!).

So, if things aren't going exactly how you like, take a long deep breath, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to suck it up you big cry baby and smile! :-)

By the way, I have exciting news! I think I'm about to lose a toe nail...yeah, normally runners lose toe nails because their sneakers are too small, but in my case, i have monkey toes...doesn't matter how big the shoe. Yes, it's kinda gross, but NOT the end of the world. Did you know that your running shoes should be a half size to one whole full size bigger then you normally wear? This is to allow space for your feet to swell up during those long runs. Eh, that happens too.

How many miles are you going to run this week???

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Giddyup! :-) Boston Marathon 2012 here I come!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Working On My Comeback!

I never really realized what a plague infested, petri dish the Northeast truly is during the winter months. I struggled with a stupid sinus cold for a solid 3 weeks, but thanks to the Neti Pot, I'm working on my comeback, folks!!

I have to be real confidence has sucked lately. I have had to go 3 solid weeks without my running routine and only doing a handful of workouts and a 2.5 mile run somewhere in the mix really sucks! This past weekend, I decided I had enough of snotting all over myself and woe-is-me and the only way to boost my confidence back up was by putting on my Nike Free's and pounding the pavement!!! Once I got out there, it's like my body was saying, "thank you baby Jesus!!! Where you been, girl!!??". Needless to say, I felt so good just to be out there, I not only ran 5 miles, but maintained 10 minute miles. Moral of the story...I need to trust myself and trust that I will have enough time to train and be ready to run the Boston Marathon, come April 16th!

Thank you to everyone for cheering me on and keeping me positive!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Drinking the Nike Kool-Aid!

I decided that the only way to dig my way out of a 2 week, woe-is-me, rut is by good ole' fashion retail therapy!  For those of you that don't know me well, I'm not your typical "addicted-to-shopping" chick.  Matter of fact I despise shopping, unless it is for new running gear!  There is something so incredibly motivating and awe-inspiring with purchasing brand new gear.  So, on this venture to Sports Authority I decided I was going to splurge on some MUCH needed outdoor, Northeast winter appropriate gear.  I  have come to realize that I'm a bit of a brand snob and always go with Nike and Under Armour apparel.  This splurge consisted of a pair of Under Armour long, fitted running pants, running shorts to go over them (don't judge! I don't like my big Sicilian booty just hanging all out there when I run!) and a long sleeve fitted, Nike thermal/shirt. Oh and of course, why stop there!  Also picked up a new Nike head band and running gloves.  The colors you ask?  As bright and pink and obnoxious as I could get!!!

Naturally, I was so excited to test out this new gear and how well it could protect me from the winter conditions - I opted for a quick run this the snow (yeah, I'm pretty bad ass like that).  Let me tell you...I am DRINKING the Nike and Under Armour Kool-Aid folks!!!  All the gear lived up to my expectations and I really enjoyed "playing" in the snow! 

Moral of the story - Mother Nature doesn't stop you from running, she simply provides obstacle courses so you can challenge yourself.

Today's run was the confidence booster I needed to get my butt back on track.  2012 Boston Marathon...I'm coming for you, baby!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SO Sick of Being Sick!

It has now been a week and a half and my stupid sinus cold is finally going away.  This one whooped my butt.  I actually broke down and went to the doctor and agreed to take Antibiotics for 10 days.  I have not ran in 12 days....12 DAYS PEOPLE!!! AND I'M GOING BONKERS!  Let me explain 2 things to you none runners; 1. It's hard to go a day with out a good hard run, never mind a 2 week span.  2. When the perma-toe blisters actually start to heal, this is a sign you aren't running frequently enough.  Believe me, it's better when the toe blisters are hard and callused and can't get any worse off.

On a positive note, I did hit the gym today and was able to handle 20 minutes on the elliptical and focused on weights, abs and good ole fashion cross training.  If I can end this week with at least a 2 mile run (fingers and monkey toes crossed!)...I'll be one happy Pork Chop!!!

In short - I need all the cheers, positive vibes and "get your ass out running, bitch!!!" that I can get!

Oh and my donations are looking weak people!!!! DONATE NOW!!!!