Sunday, January 29, 2012

Working On My Comeback!

I never really realized what a plague infested, petri dish the Northeast truly is during the winter months. I struggled with a stupid sinus cold for a solid 3 weeks, but thanks to the Neti Pot, I'm working on my comeback, folks!!

I have to be real confidence has sucked lately. I have had to go 3 solid weeks without my running routine and only doing a handful of workouts and a 2.5 mile run somewhere in the mix really sucks! This past weekend, I decided I had enough of snotting all over myself and woe-is-me and the only way to boost my confidence back up was by putting on my Nike Free's and pounding the pavement!!! Once I got out there, it's like my body was saying, "thank you baby Jesus!!! Where you been, girl!!??". Needless to say, I felt so good just to be out there, I not only ran 5 miles, but maintained 10 minute miles. Moral of the story...I need to trust myself and trust that I will have enough time to train and be ready to run the Boston Marathon, come April 16th!

Thank you to everyone for cheering me on and keeping me positive!!


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