Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Got Your Hunger Games!!!

I am quite amused by all the buzz around the tween sensation, Hunger Games.  Not hating on the series by any means -- I actually bought the book, but haven't had time to actually sit down and read it.  I just laugh every time I see a Facebook posting or other advertisement for the Hunger Games, because I literally chuckle to myself and think, "HA!  I got your Hunger Games!".  Literally, I can not stop eating, constantly hungry, not enough calories in this world to satisfy this "hunger game"...except it's not a game, it's expensive and my teeth are going to rot and fall out of my face from the constant grazing required to prevent me from turning into the Sicilian Hulk.  My stomach is grumbling, literally as I am sitting here typing this.

I know this is quite normal and quite healthy with the amount of miles I am up to at this point, I just do not recall being THIS famished the last marathon I trained for...then again I don't have the best memory.

Ohh well, on a very exciting note!  I completed 18 miles this past weekend!  And had my "Coach" (AKA Boyfriend or Ginger) along with his mini clone (AKA son) biking alongside me for a very crucial part of the run - Mile 10 - 16.  I say this part of the run is very crucial because I am ok to be alone with my thoughts for 2 hours, beyond that, I struggle.  I need that mental distraction, someone to crack a joke with, keep me laughing during these really long runs.  Can't even tell you how much that helped me.  This run was soooooo much easier than 16 - go fig!

I'm really excited because this coming weekend I "only" have to run 13, the following weekend I'm going for the BIG SHA-BANG, 20 and it sounds like I may have recruited a couple "Coach's" to help me get through portions of that run.  PS - Those of you who are joining me on that 20, I'm giving you a hug right now (SQUEEEZZEEE!!!).

I LOVE the support everyone!  Thank you!  YOU ROCK!!!

2012 Boston Marathon - I'm coming for ya baby!!!!  See you in t-minus 26 Days!



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